Taking the plunge (or 161 days in Paradise)

On May 17th, 2015, I started on what is probably the biggest adventure in my life. Well, so far anyway. I made the huge leap of getting on a plane and going to live in Barbados for 161 days.

Of course, this huge leap was not a spur of the moment thing. It is something I have talked about doing for over 6 years. It all started when my mom and I came down to Barbados in April 2009. When we got on the plane to come home, I turned to her and said, “Mom, you might laugh, but I will live here at some point in my life.” She didn’t laugh. Instead she replied, “I truly believe you will.”

Over the next 6 years, I visited Barbados several more times (8 to be exact) and each trip only served to harden my resolve to live here. Even if only for 3-6 months. Many false starts were made. I would pick a “move date” and then I would get cold feet and back out of it. Two of my elderly (and favourite relatives) had cancer scares and I used both of those scares to talk myself out of taking the plunge.

In May 2014, after a week in Barbados, I was talking to a colleague of mine. And he told me that I should just do it already. I should move in with Grandma, save up a boatload of money and get on that darn plane. “What’s the worst that will happen?” he asked me. And in that moment I knew I had to make this happen. Because he was right. What was the worst that would happen? In my mind, the worst thing was discovering I hated it here and would have to come home. My friends all laughed at me as they can’t imagine me hating it.

I have now been here 2 days and I am happier than I have ever been. Follow along as I spend 161 days in Paradise.


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3 Responses to Taking the plunge (or 161 days in Paradise)

  1. Just found your blog, Kathleen…looking forward to following your adventure. I have visited Anguilla at least 30 times in the past 20 years for as long as a month but don’t think I could live there.


  2. losedabooze says:

    I think it’s great that you started a blog for this Kathleen. I look forward to following as you journal your wonderful experience! I am so so happy for you my friend and already thinking of a time when I’ll go visit you – there 🙂

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