My rough life

Today was a really tough day. Really. I couldn’t decide what beach to go to.



Holetown Beach – another fave stomping ground

Or Thunder Bay:

Thunder Bay - pretty much my own private beach

Thunder Bay – pretty much my own private beach

I finally decided to bus into Holetown and get a few groceries. I sure wish I’d had my camera on the bus. Again, I got on a Reggae Bus and today it was full – standing room only. Fine. I hang on with both hands. With every stop we make, the bus gets more and more crowded. And it’s HOT. Suddenly we come to a screeching halt. Someone is driving a cherry picker down the street. And they are not doing a very good job. They are veering all over the place and traffic in both directions is practically leaping out of the way. Of course, it’s all at a snail’s pace. And then I notice the guys at the front of the bus are passing around rum and beer and I start to giggle. Because all I can think is, “Don’t drink and drive. You might hit a bump and spill your drink.”

When the bus finally arrived at the mall in Holetown, my legs were so shaky I was surprised I could manage to stand up. I carried on and got my errands done. To go home, I waited for a bus that had seats available. I was not in a hurry and I did not feel like standing with my groceries.

After this morning’s adventure, I decided to have a quiet afternoon. I made a flying fish cutter (sandwich) on a salt bun and then made my way to Thunder Bay. I set myself up under a tree and spent a wonderful few hours swimming and napping.

I am now relaxing with a rum and coke while some spaghetti sauce is simmering on the stove. I know…my life is so rough.

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