I am where I am meant to be

A week into this adventure and I can honestly say I have never been happier.  My heart and soul sing every single day.

Whenever I go out, I am greeted by someone I have met on a previous trip as if I am a long lost friend. I’m beginning to see the same people on the buses I take and they now all smile and ask if all is good. The cashiers at the grocery store ask me if I found everything I came in for and if I didn’t, they send someone to get it for me.  The sexy bartender at Zaccio’s asked me today if he should just keep a running tab for me, since I’m practically a local. I’d hate to see that tab at the end of 5 months. 😉 Curly told me today that he won’t charge me for a chair/umbrella/table if I get there after 2pm. “After all,” he told me, “you’re a local.”

Me. A local.

Zaccio's Beach Barbados

The beach at Zaccio’s

And now it is time for dinner: a yummy vegetarian meal courtesy of Uriah, a friendly guy who passes by every day and sells food.  The rest of the evening will be a quiet one: listening to music and working on a tech article.

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1 Response to I am where I am meant to be

  1. Karen Frederick says:

    You sound at peace


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