My freelance Barbados life

I  am having an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, about how I’m “sorry, but not sorry.”  I worry that my facebook and blog posts are really going to get on people’s nerves, but at the same time, I am so darned excited to be living my dream. I just have to share that excitement.

I would like to take a moment and say that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my Mom. She’s the one who suggested we come down here back in 2009. Without that suggestion, I certainly wouldn’t have thought to come here on my own. Barbados wasn’t even on my radar. And while she may not physically be here, she is spiritually. Well, I guess she kind of is physically, too. I brought her ashes with me. So Mom, thank you. Thank you for introducing me to the place I spiritually belong.

Today has been another great day. I am developing a much better routine as I go. Especially with this freelance writing I have been doing, I need to get a system down for “work hours” versus “play hours.” Although today that got a bit shot as the internet was glitchy and I couldn’t download the files I needed. So while I waited for things to get fixed, I did some laundry. I am now back on track and should be able to finish this article by bedtime. (I did take a swim break at 4pm as I just couldn’t resist the pull of the ocean).

The rest of my day will be low-key: dinner (flying fish, rice and sauteed cabbage) and some more work. All in an effort to have a play day tomorrow.

Thunder Bay - pretty much my own private beach

Thunder Bay – pretty much my own private beach

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3 Responses to My freelance Barbados life

  1. Ali Dee says:

    Don’t ever be sorry about sharing your excitement! There are many people living vicariously through at the moment, so keep it coming!


  2. Love the beach and cool that you got some freelance writing to do too! You Go Girl!


  3. Karen Frederick says:

    Thunder Bay looks wayyyyyyy nicer than the one in Ontario


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