New Culinary Experiences: Breadfruit

After 9 trips down here, you’d think I would have tried breadfruit by now. Nope! Yesterday was a first for me! Breadfruit is a staple item down here and can be prepared in all kinds of ways: roasted, baked, fried, or boiled. You can serve it like mashed potatoes, or fry it up like french fries.

Yesterday I had fire-roasted breadfruit. On my way to the beach, I could smell smoke and as I got closer, I could tell something was being cooked. I didn’t think anything of it, other than, “gee, I wonder what’s cooking?” As I went for my swim, I saw a couple of Bajan men tending the fire. When I got out, one of them came over and introduced himself to me as Reuben. I said it was nice to meet him and then asked what he was cooking. He laughed and said, “I’ll bring some over to show you.” He came back with this blackened cannonball looking thing. I must have looked a little worried because he laughed again and told me, “Don’t worry. It’s just breadfruit. Would you like to try some?” When he split open the cannonball, the flesh inside was creamy and steaming hot. It smelled a bit like potato and a bit like squash.  And it tasted amazing. Reuben apologized for not have herbs and seasoning for it. He said they normally have salt and pepper, ketchup, hot sauce and bay leaf and thyme. But that once he had gotten the fire going and the breadfruit roasting he hadn’t wanted to go home and get the missing ingredients. However, even plain, it was really delicious. He gave me half of the breadfruit and said to take it with me.  So tonight I will be having mashed breadfruit (with some butter, salt and pepper), grilled flying fish, salad and some wine.

Fire-roasted Breadfruit

Fire-roasted Breadfruit

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