Keeping it low-key

I have had a really lovely weekend. On Friday night, I made my way to the Golden Anchor, a lovely little rum shop in Holetown. They have cheap beer, good food and on Friday nights, they have a live reggae band.

The Golden Anchor, a local rum shack

The Golden Anchor, a local rum shack

Well, they normally do. Not this past Friday though. So it was a quiet, low-key evening. But I did have some really tasty fish cakes and a couple of beer for only 13 BBD ($6.50 US).  I didn’t stay too late though, as this guy at the table I was sitting at was so rude and obnoxious.  He started almost every sentence with “But I’m a scientist so I know what I’m talking about.” Seriously, dude?!

Yesterday I made a quick trip to Holetown to get a few groceries. I needed to get the missing ingredients for the dinner I was making around that leftover breadfruit. My big project for yesterday though was to get my first YouTube video created.  This channel came about because of a comment I made about cooking rice on a hot plate. Before long, an idea was born: Chez Kat’s Cuisine in Barbados – where I try to make gourmet meals on less than gourmet appliances. What really surprised me was how much fun I actually had making my first 2 videos. I will confess that I almost talked myself out of the cooking demo one, as I really wasn’t sure I could pull off a cooking show type of thing. However, I am really pleased with how it turned out, and even today (without any beer or rum or wine), it still makes me laugh.

I also got in a swim yesterday. After all, how can I not go in the ocean when I live so darn close? While at the beach, I met a woman who approached me because she recognized me from a picture I had posted on Facebook of the lofts I’m staying in. Haha…too funny! We ended up bobbing along in the water, having a great chat. Unfortunately, she returned to the US today.

As for today, it has been as low-key as the rest of the weekend. I’m just enjoying the breeze blowing in my windows. A swim later is DEFINITELY in order and after dinner, I’ll probably make my way to Holetown for a bit and enjoy the steel pan band at Surfside.

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