Another Perfect day in Paradise

I could really get used to this lifestyle. I get up around 7am, have some coffee and knit for a bit before it gets too crazy hot. By about 9am, I am ready to get started with my day. This morning I had a lovely Skype call with my Grandma (that’s right…my 88 year old Grandma has a tablet and the internet). Every time we talk, she laughs about how fantastic it is that she can still see my smile. After that, I got to work. The tech articles I’m writing have no strict deadline, so I decided to apply for a couple of quick, “instant gratification” projects. I was rewarded two editing contracts, the second of which I’ve just finished.

At 3pm, I take a swim break. I love the ocean at this time of day and the beach across the street is quiet and not crowded. I took my snorkel gear with me this afternoon and I got some great pictures. While the water was a bit wavey (and I could feel the beginnings of some motion sickness coming on), the light underwater was incredible. I love when the sun is shining just right and a whole new world opens up before my eyes.

Local fishy swimming by

Local fishy swimming by

A school of pretty blue fish (Tangs, I think)

A school of pretty blue fish (Tangs, I think)

After chasing fish for almost an hour, I got out and watched funny little sand crabs. I love watching them come of out their holes, throw some sand and then scuttle all over the beach. They make me laugh:

Scuttling sand crabs

Scuttling sand crabs

I am now relaxing with a Banks Beer and trying to decide what to do for dinner. Should I cook something or maybe hop on the bus and go to the Golden Anchor for cheap, yummy eats?

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  1. Love all the pics! Awesome!


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