Potlucks, grocery shopping and other mundanities

Wow…I have been here almost 3 weeks now. I love knowing that I’m not getting on a plane back to Canada anytime soon.  I love getting up in the morning and knowing that if I don’t want to do anything that I’m not wasting precious time. Because I really do have  a lot of it.

Last night I didn’t feel like doing  anything fancy for dinner. So I did the always popular “Breakfast for dinner”:

Grilled steak, with an egg/potato hash thing - really yummy

Grilled steak, with an egg/potato hash thing – really yummy

After that “gourmet” dinner, I settled in for a quiet evening of knitting and  watching Frasier (quick shout-out to Ian, for setting me up with all kinds of movies and tv shows on my hard drive – THANK YOU!!!!)

Today I worked on a 10,000 word article (omg…it’s like being in university again) and bid on some more freelance work. While doing that, there was a knock on my door. Danny, my landlord, stopped by to invited me to a rooftop potluck tonight.  Since this is the third event I’ve been invited to, I decided to attend. Which meant I DEFINITELY had to go grocery shopping.

And now I am going to share a little game with you – it’s one I learned from Mom. Whenever I go grocery shopping (no matter WHERE I am), I always make a list. Next to each item on the list, I put an estimated price. I total up my grocery list and make every effort to stay UNDER that number. Today I did really well. My estimated list was $120 BBD ($60 US). I got 3 things not on my list, and couldn’t find one thing on it and I still came in under budget – $102 BBD ($51 US). I have to tell you that is a HUGE difference. I practically skipped home. Well, I would have if I hadn’t taken the bus.

As for what I’m making to take to the potluck, I’m taking a red cabbage slaw, with carrots, raisins and local chives. It will all be dressed with an herb vinaigrette I had in the fridge. I wanted to put either jicama or christophenes (chayote), but I couldn’t find either.  I’ll also gladly share the bottle of wine I’m taking up.  (I’ll try to get some pictures to post tomorrow).

And for something light-hearted. A few people have asked on my facebook whether or not my hair is frizzy from the humidity. So I’d like to share a selfie I took today. My hair in this pic has not been washed since Monday. In that time, I have been swimming and spent the night at Shawn’s place. It still looks pretty darn awesome. 😉

Beach Hair Selfie!

Beach Hair Selfie!

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