Day of Recovery AND Discovery

Last night’s potluck dinner on the roof was a blast. At least what I remember of it. I will confess to partaking in some local herbage and it totally knocked me on my ass. Which led to today’s day of recovery.

The food was really good. Danny grilled some tuna, there was macaroni pie, coleslaw, another salad, lentils, quinoa. First, the coleslaw I contributed:

Yummy coleslaw

Yummy coleslaw

And then here’s the rest of the food:

Dinner is served

Dinner is served

This morning was very rough though. I woke up at 8:30 am, in a chair. I didn’t make it up the stairs to bed last night. I got up, had some water, a Gravol, an Advil and at 9:30, I went back to bed.  When I woke up again, it was almost noon. Alright, let’s start this day again. By this point, I was feeling decidedly more human and I had something to eat.

At 2 pm, my neighbour stopped by to see if I was still going to the fish market. It’s her last night here and we’re having dinner together. Off we went to the fish market and I bought the most beautiful tuna. I really should have taken a picture. I’m already planning on going back and getting another one, so I’ll get a picture then. 🙂 The fisherman cleaned and filleted it for me and for $40 BBD ($20 US), I figure I have 8 meals or so. I will admit the cost freaked me out at first, but when I saw how much fish I was actually getting, I realized what a bargain it was.  We also picked up a red pepper and a local zucchini at the vegetable stall and we’ll grill up some veggies with the fish.

This is the bay where the fish market is:

Fish Market Bay

Fish Market Bay

So after discovering the fish market and vegetable stall, we walked back and then I spent the rest of my afternoon at the beach. Stayed until the sun went down and now I’m chilling with a big glass of water until Laura comes over and we’ll make dinner.

A perfect end to another day in Paradise

A perfect end to another day in Paradise

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