Lazy days and baking dishes

Hmmm…apparently I needed another day to recover from the debauchery of Thursday night. While I wasn’t nearly as SICK as I was yesterday, today I just felt foggy and lethargic. So I went with it. It is Saturday after all. I knit a bit, napped a bit, wrote a bit. Really not the most exciting day at all. But I have promised a blog post every day, and I know even reading these uninteresting blogs will bring a smile to my face later.

Today’s biggest bits of excitement (of course they are both food related) involved tuna and a casserole dish. I decided to make a tuna sandwich salad for lunch, using some of the OMG tuna I got yesterday. I did it up exactly the same way I make tuna salad out of a can: tuna in a bowl, bit of mayo, bit of pepper. I swear, this tuna sandwich came from a completely different planet. This tuna sandwich wasn’t even close to the same realm as a tuna sandwich from a can. I already know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow.

The second thing also has me really excited. I got a small baking dish that FITS in my toaster oven.

A small enough baking dish!

A small enough baking dish!

So on Monday, I am getting the ingredients to make my very own macaroni pie. Mmm…..

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