More tales from the Reggae Bus

Getting on a yellow reggae bus really is like getting on a roller coaster. Part of me wants to write a funny, light-hearted blog about the incident I witnessed this morning. But the other part of me feels bad, because it could have been so much worse, like the ZR bus that overturned on Tuesday, injuring 22 people (ZR Bus overturns).

However, I can’t help but giggle a little at the scene in the road this morning. I was walking back from the veggie stall that is 700m from my apartment. Just as I was approaching the southern entrance to the beach, I was passed by a yellow bus. This bus stopped at the bus stop to let a passenger off, which apparently was an inconvenience to the car behind. Just as the car started to pass the bus, another yellow bus came hurtling along. It decided to pass the car AND the first bus! Of course, by this point, the car is already committed and the second yellow bus is going way too fast to do anything other than veer further out to the right. This results in the car being clipped on the driver side and the bus taking out a light pole on the right hand side of the road! Well, Bajans are lookie-lous too and people came RUNNING to see what was going on. At this point, I continued on to the beach, but when I came back to the road by the northern entrance, southbound traffic was backed up while the police were called and whoever oversees the light posts.

So my plans to head south to Holetown are on hold for a bit. I’ve just eaten a HUGE mango and will write for a bit before heading back to the veggie stall to get the produce she hadn’t received yet (peppers, zucchini, parsley and kale). I’ll also scope out the traffic situation. If it looks ok, I’ll hop on a bus south and do some shopping.

Tonight’s plans included grilled chicken, garlic-grilled breadfruit with a hot pepper mayo dip and a salad. And some rum and coke of course. I will also be doing some entertaining later, as Shawn is coming over. We’re going to peruse the movie selection on my hard drive (wait…that sounds dirty, even though I don’t mean it to).

Now, to work. So I can get my errands done and get in some solid beach time today.

Thunder Bay Beach

This will be my spot this afternoon

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