Happy One Month-aversary in Paradise

I have survived my first month. I can’t believe I have been here a month already. And I can’t believe that I have ONLY been here a month. I still have four months to go!

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had some really great culinary experiences, courtesy of Shawn. I know…I still haven’t posted a picture of Shawn and I, but I realized last night that we aren’t ever really in picture appropriate situations. It will be better when he goes back to work next week and I’ll go meet him for lunch or a drink when he’s done at 3pm.

Anyway, these culinary experiences. Monday night, at midnight, Shawn says to me “Baby, I’m hungry. Could you eat if I made something?” Um…there’s food involved?! Hell yes, I can eat! He wouldn’t let me help, but the aromas coming from the kitchen were AMAZING! Garlic, onion, peppers. When it was done, he handed me a bowl of pure flavour. Potatoes, green bananas and cassava had all been cooked and then smothered in what Shawn called “tuna gravy”: garlic, onions, tomatoes (fresh and paste), peppers, tuna, salt and pepper. OMG…this gravy/sauce was phenomenal! He could have given me bowl of sauce and I would have been happy. I will confess that one of the starches was a bit off-putting to me. I think it was the cassava. The texture was weird, and rather gummy. I’ll be doing some research and experimenting though. I’d like to try it again

This morning, Shawn introduced me to new way to eat oatmeal. Instead of thick and needing a spoon to eat it, this was runny, like a cream of mushroom soup consistency. And he put bay leaves in it. I never would have though to put bay leaves in oatmeal. But it was tasty!

My one-month-aversary here was nice and relaxing. I walked home from Shawn’s place, stopping at the veggie stand to pick up a few things.  I then did a bit of work before heading into Holetown to go to the bank and the grocery store. The rest of my day was spent on the beach before coming home to grill up some chicken, peppers, and onions. My evening plans are just as low key: dishes, episodes of Frasier, wine and knitting.

Just kickin' back in the water...

Just kickin’ back in the water…

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