Beach Invasion

My gloriously quiet beach got invaded this morning. I was having a peaceful swim, talking to a  woman named Sophie when the beach was taken over by catamarans. The first two arrivals anchored offshore and let people off for short snorkel stops at the reef. The third one though, was a large catamaran that landed right on the beach and dropped all of its passengers off. Next thing we knew, Sophie and I were surrounded by splashing, screaming swimmers.

Beach Invasion has begun!

Beach Invasion has begun!

So after getting chased from the beach, I decided to come home, have some lunch and do some work. Danny has asked me to give him some ideas for social media campaign for the lofts and a new project he wants to get up and running.

Other than that, my day has been low-key and relaxing. Just the way I like it. I’m now sitting here, covered in mosquito repellent and trying to decide what to do this evening. At this point, a movie is my activity of choice. Tomorrow will be more exciting. Maybe.

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