Even with the cockroaches, I have the most amazing life

Last night there was some excitement in my apartment. No, not that kind of excitement. The cockroachy kind of excitement.

Picture this: I was sitting quietly in my chair, knitting and watching episodes of Frasier. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see some movement. On the wall next to my chair, at about eye level, I see a cockroach. Holy BLEEEP!!!!! I leap out of my chair, throw my knitting onto the other chair and quickly grab my can of Citronella BOP (bug spray for flying and crawling insects). I spray that creature from Hell and it goes running across the floor, trying to escape the BOP. I spray it again. I cannot let this demon live. Not long after being sprayed, the cockroach is on its back, legs waving madly in the air (I have been told that as soon as a cockroach is on its back, then it’s as good as dead).  I watched the death throes of this gruesome thing for almost 45 minutes!!!! Once it was dead, I swept it up and tossed it outside.

I didn’t think I’d sleep last night, but I did and I woke up feeling refreshed. I decided to start my day off with a swim. And it was lovely.

I snorkeled a bit:

Here fishy, fishy!

Here fishy, fishy!

I floated a bit:

Selfie time!

Selfie time!

And watched today’s catamarans come in. They were much smaller boats today and they anchored off-shore.

I saw two ships come sailing in...

I saw two ships come sailing in…

My afternoon was spent working on my latest project – a blog for WKD Beach Lofts. I have been made the Social Media guru to help increase Danny’s social media presence for the lofts. He knows I want to stay here, and so we have worked out an arrangement that benefits both of us. The whole prospect is VERY exciting to me.

After spending the afternoon working on that, I decided to head up to the roof with a rum and coke and my  knitting. I watched the sun go down, and the bats come out.

Goodnight Mr. Sun

Goodnight Mr. Sun

And now it’s time for dinner: grilled flying fish, salad, and pasta with garlic, butter, and parsley.

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