Catching you up in the world of Kathleen

First, I’d like to apologize to cockroaches everywhere. You are not the creatures of Hell that I thought you were. I have found a new creature to take that honour. My neighbour ended up with a 5-inch long centipede in her apartment. In the terrifying hilarity that ensued, we discovered that Citronella BOP is not nearly as effective on centipedes as it is on cockroaches.  What ended up working was rocks. She stoned that sucker to death. I have to confess we both laughed as she threw rocks at it, clattering them off the wall and bouncing them on the floor, to land on this horrific black centipede. Once it was dead, she threw two more rocks onto it, and left it there for Danny to sweep up.  I spent the rest of the night jumping at shadows, and trying not to touch the floor.

Saturday  morning I got up and decided to head to the beach first thing. I was in the water by 9:15am and it was amazing. Unfortunately the beach is littered with sargassum seaweed. When I flew in a month ago, I could see large brown patches in the ocean. Turns out that was the seaweed. At first, it had been more along the south and east coast beaches, but now the currents and winds are just so that the weed blooms are moving along the west coast.

Sargassum Seaweed all along the beach

Sargassum Seaweed all along the beach

However, the random floating pieces in the water do make for some really pretty pictures.

Floating Sargassum

Floating Sargassum

I then thought it would be fun to try and get some neat pictures of the waves. So I plunked myself down on the sand and let the surf wash over me. Of course, I am still finding sand in unmentionable places.

Waves on the beach

Waves on the beach

Yesterday drove home a valuable lesson: time in Barbados is meaningless. And I struggle with this one almost every day. Because if someone says to me, “let’s meet at 2pm,” then I am going to be there at 2pm.  And then I’ll usually end up waiting an hour or 2 for the person to show up. And this is especially true in Shawn’s case. When he says 4pm, he really means 6pm.  Anyway, even with this crazy kind of time warp thing, I had a wonderful evening.

We ended up having dinner at the home of Shawn’s Italian friends, Luca and Suri. Shawn’s daughter was there, and Troy, a spear-fishing buddy of Shawn’s. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.  And over the course of the evening, I became best buddies with two of Luca’s and Suri’s cats – Stevie and Cheechoo. These two large (close to 20 pounds each) cats were practically draped over me. And I ended up getting a house/pet-sitting gig out of the evening. Trust me to head off to another country and end up looking after other people’s houses and pets. 😀

As for today, I walked home from Shawn’s this morning and I have done nothing other than drink coffee.  I’m going to head to the beach shortly and get in my daily swim.

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