Well, that was unpleasant

I just got back from walking to the veggie stall and I am sitting here, seething over the comments that were yelled at me.

I was walking along the beach on my way to the stall, when I heard a voice yell, “Hey! Hey you!” There were a lot guys hanging out at this particular spot (and no, I wasn’t the only person on the beach. There were other white women) so I figured they were yelling among themselves. Again, the voice, “Hey you! Get over here! I want you!” I see a tall man in a red shirt, waving at me. I ignore him and continue walking. Then, “Hey! You! Get over here so I can bend you over and stick my dick in you!”

I ignored him. I wanted to tell him to fuck off but I was worried that would start something I knew I couldn’t handle. Needless to say, I didn’t walk along the beach on my way home. In fact, I may never walk along that beach again.

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1 Response to Well, that was unpleasant

  1. Karen Frederick says:

    What a fucken dickhead! Trying to impress the boys, well that really got him far! I’d want to yell, “ya, if I come there I’ll stick your dick up your ass” sorry, got carried away……


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