Lovely morning walks

I love my walks home from Shawn’s place. It is so lovely and peaceful at 7:15am. Even with the traffic going by, everyone heading towards Bridgetown. I’m not normally a morning person, but I have discovered that I love this time of day here. It’s not too hot, the breeze is still cool and that 25 minute walk gives me time to think, reflect, rejoice. To just be.

Since I am at Shawn’s fairly often, I find that I’m starting to see the same people on my walk home. One man, Ronald, has started asking me, “Are you ok today?” I tell him I am very ok and then he reminds me not to walk too fast, otherwise I’ll overheat. Another man, James, waits for the bus at the corner of my street and we always have the same conversation.

James: “How are you today?”

Me: “I’m very well. How are you?”

James: “I am much better for having seen your lovely smile this morning.”

Me: “I’m glad I could make your day.”

And of course, everyone else I meet along the way, we smile and exchange “good mornings” or “hellos”.  These walks really serve to remind me that not everyone is as vulgar and rude as that doofus on the beach on Saturday.

Pretty flower on the beach

Pretty flower on the beach, possibly a Desert Rose

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