This weekend couldn’t have been more perfect

This weekend has been the perfect mix of productivity and relaxation. Allow me to enlighten you all as to my doings over the weekend.


I was awarded a new contract today to write up a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. The morning was spent firming up the details of that and getting the required documents. My afternoon was spent at beach, although I wasn’t there very long as the sky all around was super dark. Although it did make for a really neat contrast against the turquoise water and coloured fishing boats. Anyway, after about an hour, I made my way home. And I got home just in time as it was raining pretty hard by the time I unlocked my door.  The rest of the evening was spent making pizza, watching Criminal Minds and knitting. Glorious!


My friend Jacqui picked me up this rainy morning so I could return my empty beer bottles. I figured the deposits were better in my pocket. Alright, so I put the $7.20 BBD towards another six Banks. Money well spent, I think. In the parking lot of the mall, I saw a neat looking bird (and my Google search powers are telling me it’s a Green Heron):

A Green Heron in the parking lot

A Green Heron in the parking lot

We then made our way to The Pastry Box at the Limegrove Centre for coffee. The beautiful thing about Barbados is that you can sit at a coffee shop for hours, talking, even if your coffee cup is empty. We were there for almost 2.5 hours, just talking and catching up on gossip.  When I got home, it was still raining and drizzly. So I read through the resumes that I would be working from. I realized that I needed to talk to the client, so I scheduled a Skype call for Sunday morning.  The rest of Saturday was quiet. Dinner was stuffed peppers that were amazingly tasty and I will make again.


I woke up early this morning so I could prepare for my Skype call. Between that, the call, and the work I did afterward, I did 4 hours of actual work today. Pretty productive, if I may say so. After that I had lunch (leftover stuffed pepper) and knit for a bit. At 2:30, I decided it was beach time. And I am so glad I did. Imagine the most perfectly clear turquoise water and that was the beach today. The water was calm, and so clear. I could see schools of fish swimming underneath me. The beach was really busy though. I’m not sure if it was a Stag & Doe thing, or an after wedding party, but there was a catamaran and five or six boats in. And all kinds of screaming, celebrating people.

Celebration on the beach

Celebration on the beach

I didn’t mind at all though. I reveled in the water, floating and eating my mango, the way the locals do.

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2 Responses to This weekend couldn’t have been more perfect

  1. Wonderful mix of work and relaxation! Perfect spot to eat a juicy mango and let the juice drip down your arms and chin, too!


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