Garbage Strikes and Earthquakes

While the past few days haven’t seen me doing very much exciting stuff (working on a resume and cover letter, fighting another cold), a few things have happened on the island to cause some excitement.

For the past week or so, there has been a strike brewing. I clued into the trouble on Tuesday night when I went to Shawn’s place. His normally clean street had piles of garbage all over the place. And that got me thinking…the garbage drop site across the street from me had a small pile of stuff. Normally the garbage is picked up every few days. But not lately. So when I got home yesterday morning, I surfed on over to the Barbados Advocate, where several articles talked about the impending shut-down and the current go slow due to union troubles. This article pretty clearly explains the issue stemming from 13 termination letters that were sent to Barbados Investment and Development Corporate (BIDC) workers over a certain age (if I remember correctly from another article I read, all these workers had reached the age of 60). In response to these terminations, and as a show of solidarity, members of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) were taking action. Specifically, garbage was not being picked and customs officials were on a “go-slow”. However, on July 15, the crisis was averted as the BIDC reverted its decision and reinstated the 13 employees. Garbage collection resumed last night. Speaking of garbage collection, a truck just went by and picked up the yard waste that was left last night. I’m glad to see Barbados getting back to her clean self.

The other excitement was of the natural disaster kind. This morning, between 7:01am and 12:23pm, 6 earthquakes hit Barbados. The largest one, was a 6.4 magnitude and hit at 11:16am. While I can’t find any reports of damage, people apparently evacuated buildings during the largest tremor. What’s funny, is at one point this morning, around 11:30am, I was sitting at my desk working, when I suddenly felt like I was going to fall off my chair. It was rather like experiencing an episode of vertigo, but without the dizziness and nausea. It was only much later this afternoon that I discovered that earthquakes had shaken the region. I’m pretty sure I felt one of the two that hit at 11:29am and 11:36am.

In good news, there have been no tropical storms or hurricanes forecast for the region. I’m hoping that luck will hold.

And since I like to include a picture in all my posts, here is one of the beach on Tuesday. Over the past few days, the water has been astoundingly clear. Like, I can see the hairs on my leg clear. Beautiful!

Super clear water in Barbados

Super clear water in Barbados



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2 Responses to Garbage Strikes and Earthquakes

  1. cdnred says:

    I’m so curious what the earthquake would have felt like if you had been swimming…


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