Why bother knocking?

I must be on the mend if I’m sitting at the computer making a second blog post. However, I just witnessed something that I have been meaning to share for weeks now and if I don’t write about it while I’m thinking of it, it will be another few weeks before I get around to it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Bajans. I find them friendly, warm, welcoming, always ready with a smile. But sometimes they do things that make me laugh and I can’t help but just puzzle over.

So picture this: I’m doing some laundry in my kitchen sink and I can hear someone yelling, “Hello! Hello!” It’s getting louder as the person gets closer. “Hello! Girlfriend! Hello!” The yeller has finally arrived at their destination (which turned out to be the house across the street from me) and is standing in the street, yelling towards the house. “Hello! Girlfriend!” This went on for a couple of minutes before he finally took a few steps closer to the house. “Girlfriend! Hello! Hello!” Over the course of almost 15 minutes, this person slowly advanced towards the door, all the while yelling “Hello! Girlfriend!” When he got to the door, did he knock? Oh no…he just yelled LOUDER!  After yelling at the door a few times, he finally decided nobody was home and left.

Now, I have witnessed this phenomenon several times. Nobody walks right up to the door and knocks. They start yelling for the person from down the block.  Even Shawn does it.  I’ve asked him about it and he tells me “it’s so the person isn’t surprised when we get there.” Umm…how about picking up the phone or firing off a text that you’re coming over and then just going straight up to the door?

Ah…Barbados….you make me laugh.



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