It really is a different way of life

Two things happened today that reminded me of the different world I am currently living in.

This morning Danny knocked on my door. “Are you ok? Velda tells me you’ve been sick.” I told him that I’d been fighting the flu over the last few days but I was slowly starting to feel better. “Next time you’re sick” he says, “you should tell me. Being alone while you’re sick is no good.” I explained that after living alone for so long, I’ve kind of gotten used to taking care of myself. “Well, not here. You’re never alone here. I’m going make you something to eat. Would you like soup or a smoothie?” I told him that a smoothie sounded heavenly. Half an hour later, a green smoothie was delivered to me. In it was banana, spinach, mustard greens, cucumber, powdered green (not sure what that is) and vanilla. It was strangely delicious, with great kick from the mustard greens. He also gave me some vitamin C tablets, and a whole whack of stuff to make guacamole. Yes, I made a huge batch of guacamole, and I’ll be giving some of it to Danny when I see him next. How many landlords in Ottawa would do that? I know I never could have gone to the office at Forest Manor, told them I was sick and expected them to make me food.

This afternoon, I made my way to the beach – first time in a week! The water was exactly what I needed. I floated and lazily swam for over 2 hours. As I was getting ready to leave, I started talking to a family that was sitting in the shade of the same tree as me. We got talking about where to shop to find the best deals and the subject of Cheapside Market (in Bridgetown) came up. I said I hadn’t been yet, but was definitely planning on it. The husband and wife looked at each other and he said, “well, why don’t we pick you up Saturday morning and you can come with us!” So, I’m being picked up at 9:15. It’s crazy…In Canada I’d never go off with someone I just met. But here, it’s what people do. Those with vehicles help those who don’t.  I just love it!

Tonight I’m off to Shawn’s to watch another cricket match. The Barbados Tridents have made it to Sunday’s final match and the games tonight and Saturday are to determine the second finalist.

Thunder Bay Beach

My favourite spot on the beach

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