Sad Diva Kitty news

I have some sad news to report. Last week I came across the body of one of the Diva Cats. Unfortunately, it appears to be the mother of the youngest kitty. Which means we have had a super sad Diva around here. She meows all the time. And I feel badly. Because this poor kitty is looking for comfort, but won’t let us actually pet her.

Poor Diva Kitty

RIP Diva Cat

RIP Diva Cat

Other than that, not much to report. Today was another lovely day. I did some work, went to the beach twice, and made a really yummy Seafood a la King for dinner.  Speaking of the beach, it was another busy day for catamarans. Lots of people were snorkeling over the reef.  This picture was taken just after one boat left.

Busy at the beach

Busy at the beach

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