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Recipe: Bajan Fish Cakes

Before I  share pictures of my delicious dinner, I have to point out that I can’t take any credit for the recipe. I didn’t make it up. I didn’t tweak it.  I have recently started following a fellow blogger, VillaTwenty3, … Continue reading

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Enjoying every moment of my life

Goodness gracious! Four days since my last post. Over those four days, I have worked on my paper mache piggy: I spent time at the beach, hanging out with people: I watched amazing sunsets: I organized a pizza party here … Continue reading

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My weekly trip to Cheapside

Yesterday, being Saturday, meant it was time for my weekly trip to Cheapside. And I realized that since I have started shopping at the market, my grocery costs have dropped to about $25-$35 US per week. Of course, it helps … Continue reading

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You guessed it – another perfect day in Paradise

I think today was as perfect a day as any I’ve ever had. I got three repeat clients today, I went to the beach twice, and I spent a wonderful afternoon hanging out with two ladies from the building. We … Continue reading

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Recipe: Cheesy Melt Veggie Casserole

I think this is probably the first time in forever that I have followed a recipe to the letter. This cheesy vegetable side dish is from Barbara’s Bajan Kitchen by Barbara E. Husbands. The only change I made was a minor … Continue reading

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Three months already?!

I have now been here for three months. I am floored by how quickly time is passing. And I’m astounded by how much I feel this experience has changed me. I am learning how to live in the moment. No … Continue reading

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Having a moment with nature

While leisurely swimming in the gloriously calm water, I got thinking that I had nothing really exciting to blog about today. And since yesterday’s blog wasn’t very exciting, I was thinking that I would just skip making a post today. … Continue reading

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