The Craziness that is Crop Over

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting here, reading and minding my own business when Jeffrey stopped by to see Danny. We got to talking and he asked me if I was going to lime and jump up. (Lime means relax and chat, jump up means party). Turns out last night, or rather this morning, was the Foreday Morning Jump Up.

We left Lower Carlton shortly after 5pm, arriving in Bridgetown at 6pm or so. We then walked to his house, where we sat in the street, liming and watching people go by. About 8:30, we made our way to another lime, this time an international one behind the Fairchild Bus Terminal. Here there were stalls where you could buy food, drinks, play cards or dominoes and gamble away your money. This was a total locals thing, and I was definitely the only white person there. Kind of surreal. By this point, I had spent most of the evening laughing to myself because I just found the whole situation so bizarre. After sitting there for a few hours, we decided to walk about and kill some time until the Jump Up. We ended up walking along Browns Beach, which was really lovely. The moon was really bright and all the bars and restaurants that back onto the beach were playing music. So we just hung out there, had a few more drinks (Jeffrey was definitely well prepared with rum and coke and cups).

Shortly after 1am, we started making our way to the Boardwalk, where all the bands were lining up and slowly starting to make their way along the 3.5km trek to Spring Garden.  This is where it got really crazy.

Crazy participants in the Foreday Morning Jump Up 2015

Crazy participants in the Foreday Morning Jump Up 2015

The entire parade was basically these groups of people in very little clothing, covered in mud and paint, drinking their faces off as they followed their band’s parade truck. Each band had different music playing and was sponsored by different organizations. Now that I know how this works, next year I will buy a package and Jump Up properly.


One of the MANY music trucks in this craziness!

Here’s a really bad picture of Jeffrey and I. It’s really hard to take a selfie when the sidewalks are PACKED!

Me and my guide/host, Jeffrey

Me and my guide/host, Jeffrey

And here I am, trying to look as dorky and touristy as possible.

Spot the tourist! It's not hard!

Spot the tourist! It’s not hard!

Jeffrey and I wandered all along the parade route in Bridgetown, watching all the bands pass by. At 3:20am, they had finally all headed out of the city. At that point, the police force and the army, along with a “people’s music truck” joined the parade, and any spectator that wanted to, could jump in and make the 3.5km trek. We chose not to, making our way back to Jeffrey’s place (where he lives with his mom) and I crashed on the couch until 8am. I got home at 9:30 this morning, where I made pancakes and then fell asleep for another couple of hours.

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2 Responses to The Craziness that is Crop Over

  1. My Anguillian friends here are always trying to get me to join them for the J’Ouvert morning parade and beach party…I will join them at the end of the party, like 6- midnight but not the 4:30 a.m. parade part!


    • Kathleen L. says:

      I will confess, I could have kept going at 3:20am. Except Jeffrey didn’t want to…and without him, I would have had no idea how to get home afterwards. Plus, I didn’t really want to party by myself. *lol*


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