True Act of Kindness

Yesterday morning, on my way home from Bridgetown, I witnessed something that brought a tear to my eye.

Not long out of town, the yellow bus I was on stopped at a bus stop. There was an elderly, blind man waiting for a bus to take him to church. The driver informed him that bus would indeed take him to church. A couple of people helped the man to a seat and the bus took off.

When we arrived in Payne’s Bay, we stopped at the bus stop across the street from the Methodist Church. The elderly man gingerly made his way down the steps of the bus. And this is where I almost cried. A yellow bus heading in the opposite direction stopped, blocking all traffic. The attendant of the second bus crossed the street, took the man by the arm and helped him across the road and up the steps to his Church.

Of course by this point, cars were honking and people were yelling. They assumed that the yellow buses had stopped so the drivers could talk to each other. But I, along with every passenger on those two buses, knew the truth. We had all just witnessed a true act of kindness.

A perfect moment in Paradise

A perfect moment in Paradise

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1 Response to True Act of Kindness

  1. How very sweet. Caribbean people take such good care of their elders.


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