It’s pouring rain and the frogs are singing

It has been one of those days: grey and rainy. Definitely not beach weather. I am sitting here, listening to the raindrops fall and the frogs sing.

Raindrops are falling

Raindrops are falling

Let me tell you, when it rains here, it rains HARD. You’re soaked in an instant. So I didn’t go out at all today. Instead, I read, bid on more resumes, and did some work for a couple of clients. My evening plans aren’t much more exciting. I’m leaning towards popcorn and a movie.

Of course with all this rain, the little frogs come out. And they sometimes find their way into my apartment. Which would be fine, if they could find their way out again. Except they can’t and when I get up in the morning, I find dried up froggy bodies on the floor. It’s not a pretty sight. Although I will confess it does make me laugh.

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