The Saga of my Extension of Stay Application – Part 1

Yesterday I headed out to get the necessary photographs, photo copies and application forms printed for my Extension of Stay. Shawn told me of a photo store in Sunset Crest, Holetown that would do all of that for me. Perfect! I don’t need to run around the entire island.

Now, before I get too far into this tale of woe, I want to point out that it was really hot and muggy yesterday. So when I got dressed, I put on clothes that were weather appropriate: shorts and a tank top. Alright..I’m ready!  Let’s go!

I got a yellow bus to Holetown and I got off at the stop by Shawn’s work, so I could stop by and say hi and make sure we were still on for last night. After a quick chat, I continued walking to the next mall. I am sweating buckets by this point. My hair is curly, I have sweat running down my face, my neck and between my boobs. I made it to the store, where I was met with a blast of a/c. Oh sweet mother of all that is holy, did that feel good! I explained to the man behind the counter what I needed done. He looked at me and said, “Sure, we can do all that, but not with you dressed like that.” WHAT?! Turns out, with my exposed shoulders the passport photos were a no-go. I was so annoyed that I would have to come back.

As I was walking to the grocery store, I suddenly remembered that Shawn always brings a tshirt to change into after work. I decided to stop at the restaurant again and see if I could borrow it. Except by the time I got back there, Shawn had gone on his lunch break. One of the girls thought he’d gone to the grocery store so I figured I would look for him while I was there. At this point I figured I may as well bus home, put on an appropriate shirt and come back.

When I got back to the lofts, Danny was sitting outside. I laughed as I told him my problem. He then informs me that they are a real stickler in situations like this and that I needed a shirt with a collar. Jeebus Crisp! I didn’t bring a collared shirt. I brought an outfit that I would wear for a job interview at home: black dress pants and a white, round-necked blouse, with my black cardigan over top if necessary. Danny proceeded to loan me three of his shirts in case I needed to put something over what I was wearing.

Anyway, I got dressed in a pink floral blouse with slightly puffy cap sleeves, grabbed Danny’s shirts, my black cardigan, and made my way back to the photo store. When I got there, just the woman from earlier was behind the counter. I asked her if my shirt was ok and she said it was perfectly fine. She proceeded to take my picture. As she was making my copies, I asked her about the outfit I planned to wear to the Immigration office.  She said that would be fine as well. They just don’t want people showing up in casual vacation wear.  Which I can certainly understand and appreciate. However, I am still really nervous about my clothing.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, here’s my picture.

Photo for my Extension application

Photo for my Extension application

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Saga later today. I’m heading to Immigration in an hour or so. Wish me luck!

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