The Saga of my Extension of Stay Application – Part 2

So, my clothing was fine. But let’s backtrack. And I’ll fill you on how today’s attempt went.

After spending last night and all morning an absolute basket case about my wardrobe selection, I finally thought “screw it.” This is completely acceptable and appropriate clothing. I’m not showing any cleavage, my legs aren’t showing. And who can argue with classic black pants and white blouse? Right?

When I left here shortly after 12pm, I ran into Jerry from across the street. He told me to have a nice afternoon and I laughed and said, “Probably not.” I explained I was heading to Immigration and I was worried about my clothes. He looked at me and assured me I looked just fine. Neat and professional. Phew. I get on a yellow bus heading to Bridgetown. Arrive in Bridgetown in one piece and make my way to the Immigration office. I have to admit, I felt really good walking through Bridgetown in my business wear. Like I was going somewhere important. Anyway, I arrive at Immigration headquarters and make my up the stairs. When I get there, I see 2 women sitting on long benches, and a man and a woman in line in front of the counter. Alright…I can deal with this kind of lineup.

After a couple minutes waiting, it’s my turn at the window. I tell the man I am there to apply for an Extension of Stay. And he replies, “Oh, you’ll have to come back tomorrow morning. The officer who does those applications is gone for the day.”  I seriously think my face looked like this:

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

So he tells me to come back for 8:30am, when the office opens. I then ask him how long this process takes. 3 weeks he tells me.  I’m pretty sure THIS was my face:

My WTF face


I’m not sure how I managed to calmly ask my next question (because I am FREAKING out inside at this point). “Um…huh. I didn’t know it took that long. There’s no mention of that on your website and anyone who got an extension didn’t tell me about a 3 week wait. Here’s my issue: my current 3 month stamp expires on August 18th. What happens to me?” Luckily, as long as I get my application IN before my current stamp expires, they will back date the extension to cover the gap.

So…watch for Part 3 tomorrow. Hopefully it will be me telling you all how I got my application submitted. And not that I bought a 4 day trip to Dominica.

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