Today I met Mary Gayle

This morning I made my way to town, in what is quickly becoming my favourite morning of the week: Market Day. I love going to Cheapside on Saturday mornings and looking at the fruits and vegetables and talking to the vendors. While I had a few people tell me that I will get charged higher prices since I’m not a local, I haven’t found that to be true. If I see something I want, I ask the price. If I feel it’s too high, I tell them that I will look elsewhere before I purchase their produce. I also listen to what they charge locals, and I make sure I get the same price.

Today’s goal purchases were avocados and lamb chops. Let me talk about the avocados for a moment. They are not Hass avocados. I have no clue what variety they are, but the skin is smooth and when they ripen, the skin turns a lovely purplish colour. I also find they don’t brown nearly as quickly once they’re cut. Which means I can make 2 avocados last me a week. And when they’re ripe, they have these streaks of purple running through the green flesh. They are yummy and make kickass guacamole.

Bajan Avocados (avocado pears)

Bajan Avocados (avocado pears)

After I had wandered through the outdoor stalls, I made my way inside. I was looking for a breadfruit. Once I had looked at all the stalls without any luck, I decided to get a red cabbage instead. I stopped at a stall at the end of a row. I was greeted warmly by a woman with a big, friendly smile. She had perfect little red cabbages that would be a great size for one person. I’ll get 2 or 3 meals out of this, and not feel like I’m having to eat cabbage for a week!

Perfect little cabbage for one person

Perfect little cabbage for one person

I asked how much her cabbages were. “$5 per lb,” she said, “but for you, I’ll make it $4.” “That’s lovely,” I replied. I picked out my cabbage and handed it to her. I went around to pay her and when I handed her my $5, she pulled 3 bananas off a bunch and put them in my bag. She then handed me my change, along with 2 oranges. I offered her some money for the fruit and with a big smile she said to me, “No, these are a gift because I like your smile and I hope to see you next week.” I told her I would be back next week and then asked if I could give her a hug. She laughed and replied, “That, my dear, will keep a smile on my face for the rest of the week.” I told her my name, and she introduced herself as Mary Gayle. She was an absolutely lovely soul. And next week she will get most of my business. And I will ask her for a picture, because I want to share her smile with all of you.

I then stopped at the butcher’s market, where I got 3 lovely lamb chops for $7.50 bbd ($3.75 US). I have 2 of them marinating now for my dinner. I put the third in the freezer. With my shopping completed, I headed to the bus terminal, stopping to treat myself to a snow cone. Mmm…orange and coconut syrups over a good sized cup of shaved ice. A great way to cool down.

And for those of you who have been following my immigration tales, Shawn’s Italian friend, Luca, told me last night that if they took my passport, then my extension is approved. They won’t keep the passport otherwise. So YAY!

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