Having a moment with nature

While leisurely swimming in the gloriously calm water, I got thinking that I had nothing really exciting to blog about today. And since yesterday’s blog wasn’t very exciting, I was thinking that I would just skip making a post today. No sooner had I thought that when a head popped out of the water, to my right and a little ahead of me. Oh my god! It was a sea turtle. And I could tell that it hadn’t swum off when it went back under the water.

I calmly swam over to where it had disappeared under the water. There it was, slowly swimming along the bottom. I sort of hovered over it, trying not to move my arms and legs too much. The turtle then swam away, but at a pace that I could easily keep up with. I’m pretty sure it knew I was there, following it. But it kept swimming slowly, allowing me to swim alongside it. Every once in awhile, it would break the surface for air. The turtle and I made our way back and forth, along the beach, several times. After almost 20 minutes, the turtle decided it had enough of me and turned into deeper water. But not before popping its head up one more time. I’m pretty sure it was saying goodbye.

Sea turtles in Barbados (not the turtle I swam with today. This picture was taken May 2014)

Sea turtles in Barbados (not the turtle I swam with today. This picture was taken May 2014)

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2 Responses to Having a moment with nature

  1. Iambizi says:

    very exciting indeed!


  2. Awesome! I have seen turtles’ nests on Meads Bay beach…a huge circle in the sand, a bit up from the shore, with a trail going up to it. And I have seen them when snorkeling but never such an up close and personal experience ask yours!


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