My weekly trip to Cheapside

Yesterday, being Saturday, meant it was time for my weekly trip to Cheapside. And I realized that since I have started shopping at the market, my grocery costs have dropped to about $25-$35 US per week. Of course, it helps that I get free stuff. And yesterday was no exception.


Some of the indoor stalls at Cheapside Market

Since I wasn’t buying any meat yesterday, I started with the indoor section. I wanted to see what items I could get from Mary Gayle before shopping at other vendors. I got my bananas, tomatoes and avocados from Mary. I paid $9 bbd ($4.50 US) for 1.5 pounds of tomatoes, 2 avocados and 8 bananas. And when she was packing my stuff, she put an orange and a grapefruit in the bag as well.

From there, I wandered around the aisles, stopping to talk to people and ask questions about their products. I stopped at one stall to get some green beans and I ended up getting them for free. I asked for 1/2 a pound and the vendor started picking out the best beans for me. As she was doing that, I could tell she was a bit upset about something. She finally stopped putting beans on the scale and said to me, “I’m sorry. I just don’t have enough perfect beans to sell you. I’m really embarrassed about this because when I put them out this morning they looked lovely (I thought they looked fine). So I’ll just give you what’s on the scale – it looks to be enough for a meal for you anyway.” She wouldn’t take any money for the beans and as I walked away, she was taking them off her counter.

I also found a vendor that would sell me one egg, if that’s what I had wanted. So I bought 6 (cost me $4 bbd). I ended up with another great haul: 2 avocados, 6 eggs, 8 bananas, 1.5 pounds of tomatoes, kale, sweet peppers, nutmeg, coconut bread, plus the free beans and citrus fruit. It cost me a total of $25.50 bbd ($12.75 US).

And as I made my way to the bus, I again stopped for a snow cone. It was the same vendor as last week, and when he saw me, he said, “Why, it’s Miss Orange and Coconut! Same flavours this week?” I was a bit surprised that he remembered me and laughed. Of course, I got the usual flirting, “How could I forget a smile as beautiful as yours?” Anyway, I switched up the syrup flavours this week and got orange and pineapple. And I only paid $1 for this week’s treat. At this rate, next week’s will be free.

When I told Shawn about yesterday’s shopping trip, he said I’ll have to start doing his shopping for him. I apparently get better deals than he does.

My weekend was rounded out nicely by several swims, a couple of naps in the hammock and a bit of work. Tomorrow will be a work day. I have 2 resumes to finish and a couple of blog posts to write for the  lofts.

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