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Yesterday’s sky events and making the most of every day I have left here

Boo-urns. I’m not sure if it’s another cold, or allergies, but my nose is a bit sniffly, and I have another stupid cough. However, with only 28 days left in my happy place (for this round), I am dedicating myself … Continue reading

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Recipe: Bajan Banana Bread (with added coconut)

Last week I had some quickly ripening bananas. And rather than throwing them out, I tossed them in the freezer and decided to make banana bread out of them. I ended up using the recipe from┬áThe Barbados Cookbook. This bread … Continue reading

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Today I was close to luxury

I spent my morning hanging out at the beach behind Port St. Charles – an uber swanky address with its own port and helipad! Apparently the starting price for these places is $5 million US. I think sitting on the … Continue reading

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I put my toes in the Atlantic Ocean today

After Friday’s fiasco, the rest of the weekend ended up being pretty decent. For the most part. But in this blog post, I am only going to focus on the fun, positive stuff I did. Saturday: Linda and I went … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Island Time

I am going to apologize for the ranty nature of this post. It is a rant. And I’m kind of sorry. But Island Time is a thing and sometimes it needs to be ranted about. I love Barbados. I love … Continue reading

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The Coconut Man comes a calling!

Yesterday I treated myself to a large bottle (2 L) of fresh coconut water. Texas climbed I don’t know know how many trees to gather the coconuts for Linda, Danny and I to each get a large bottle. I also … Continue reading

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Six weeks out and I already feel the impending sadness

Tomorrow I am heading back to Immigration to pick up my passport. Tomorrow I am 6 weeks away from returning to Canada. And I will admit to already feeling sad. As scared as I was to come down here for … Continue reading

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