Today’s Special Moment is brought to you by the letter K….

To whet your appetite about the Reggae Road Show's the excited crowd on Friday night.

To whet your appetite about the Reggae Road Show post…here’s the excited crowd on Friday night.

That’s right. The letter K. As in K for Karaoke Kruise. I know, I know. I promised you all the story of my adventure home from the Bajan Green Reggae Road Show on Friday. But first I want to tell you about today’s beach fun. I promise I’ll make the Reggae Road Show post tomorrow.

I got to the beach shortly before 4pm (the sun was really hot today so I didn’t want to go earlier. I’m not convinced there’s enough sunscreen on earth…) Anyway as I was walking down the path to the beach, I could hear lots of kids screaming and music blaring. I knew the beach was busy.  When I emerged onto the sand, I could see that there were lots of families with young children and, anchored out in the water, there was a charter fishing boat. That’s where the music was coming from. At first, I thought the people on board were fishing. But no, they were just partying. I swam for a bit, listening to the music and festivities. After a while, I decided to lie on my towel in the sun. And this is where the letter K comes in. Because I heard an announcement that the karaoke was about to start. So I lay there on the sand, listening to really awful singing. Bajans love their karaoke, and I give them full kudos for trying. All in all, it was really entertaining and it made me smile as I lay in the sun in Paradise.

The letter K also carried into my dinner plans. As in Kathleen got lazy and didn’t want to cook. So I hopped on the bus and went to East Moon again. I thought about going to Just Grillin’ in Holetown, but I decided that I was REALLY tired of fish and plain rice and salad. My dinner last night was basically what I would get at Just Grillin’. And while the food there is really tasty, I wanted something different. So, for $52 bbd ($26 US), I got Vegetable Fried Rice, Chicken Chow Mein, Beef with Broccoli, and a Banks beer (to drink while I waited for my food). I’m easily going to have leftovers for a couple more meals. See?

Another delicious meal from East Moon Chinese Cuisine & Bar

Another delicious meal from East Moon Chinese Cuisine & Bar

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