Bajan Green Reggae Road Show 2015

As promised, I’m going to tell you about the Bajan Green Reggae Road Show. It was held in the parking lot of the St. George Parish Church and it looked like it was going to be a blast. There were a bunch of different reggae acts, drinks, food. Sounded like a real party. And since Friday was Lucky’s last night here, we thought it would be a good end to her trip.

Well, the reggae show was not at all what we expected. The energy was so low. Even band members looked bored!

Bored Reggae singers

Bored Reggae singers

Especially that girl in the dress. I swear every time she bothered to look at the crowd, she practically rolled her eyes in boredom. Even the crowd was blah. We expected people to be dancing, or at the very least moving a little bit. Instead, it looked like this:

The really excited crowd

The really excited crowd

Even the security guy’s dog looked bored!

Poor bored doggy

Poor bored doggy

The last act was a huge improvement and Buggy Nhakente and the Fully Loaded Band were able to inject some energy into the proceedings. We even danced a little bit!

The ride home was where the evening was made though. Maybe cuz we’d all been drinking, but it became quite hilarious to ignore the directions of the GPS unit (that sounded like Pierce Brosnan). Danny purposely went in the opposite direction. We ended up driving all over the place and our 20-25 minute ride took us almost an hour. It probably didn’t help that I needed to make a pit stop. So we pulled off on the side of a road so I could use a tree. Of course at the exact moment, 2 cars decided to pull up right behind Danny’s car. Great.

By the time we got home, it was after 2am. But our evening didn’t end there. Lucky and I decided to go for a moonlight dip. The water was amazing and felt like silk on my skin. It was after 4:30am before I finally crawled into bed.



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