The Saga of my Extensions of Stay Application – Part 4

This morning Luca and Chiara picked me up and we all headed into Bridgetown to go to Immigration. We arrived shortly after 9am and the lineup was nice and short. I got called up to the window. “I’m here to pick up my passport that I left here on August 14th.” “Do you have the receipt?” Oh no…of course I didn’t have the receipt. This is Barbados and on August 14th, I watched half a dozen people walk in, give their name and get their passports back. Nobody showed a receipt. Anyway, today I needed the receipt. So I’ll go back tomorrow or Monday.

Since Luca and Chiara had to wait, I decided to go walk around a bit. First up, was a cup of coffee at the Waterfront Cafe in the harbour.

A lovely cup of coffee at the Waterfront Cafe

A lovely cup of coffee at the Waterfront Cafe

It was so nice to sit there and watch the boats bobbing in the water. Sitting there today reminded me of sitting at The Iguana in Curacao.

Relaxing at the Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown

Relaxing at the Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown

After my coffee, I made my way to Swan Street. I needed to get various toiletries and Shawn informed me that was the cheapest place to buy them. I ended up at The Mall Mart (yes, you read that right. The Mall Mart) where I got shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body lotion for $16.10 bbd ($8.05 US).

From there, I wandered a bit more. I was looking for a craft and notions store I had seen during Cropover. At the time, they had a big sign out front that said, “We sell BLACK WOOL. Other colours too!” I figured I’d go see what their selection was like since my yarn stash here is REALLY piddly. Turns out they only carry Red Heart Super Saver. And I am such a yarn snob that there is no way I’d knit with that.

Luca called me at that moment and said that he and Chiara were done at Immigration. So I wandered back to meet them and they drove me home.

Tomorrow night we are going to Wendy’s Bar again to check out the Friday night karaoke. Should be fun.

Shawn and I at Wendy's Bar

Shawn and I at Wendy’s Bar

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