What do you keep in your car’s glove compartment?

My Friday evening ended up a bit of a wash. It started raining about 2:30 pm yesterday afternoon and it put a damper on the entire evening. We didn’t end up going to karaoke because Luca and Chiara don’t like driving in the rain (I can understand that), but Shawn didn’t want to take the bus. Of course by this time, the rain had stopped. I just think Shawn didn’t want to go in the first place. Oh well. I’ve already decided I’m going by myself next week.

Anyway, on to this morning! I got up bright and early with Shawn and walked home. I was home by 7:45 so I made a cup of coffee and relaxed while I made my shopping list for the market. Since I haven’t gone in a few weeks, I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed today. The bananas looked blah, there were no green beans to be had (I guess the season is done?) and I felt that a lot of vendors were missing today. The selection just wasn’t as good. I only managed to get eggs, onions, and avocados. And no free stuff today. Sadly, the quality of Mary’s produce didn’t look great this week. The best part of today’s trip was my snow cone. Same vendor as before and he asked me what blend I was going to try this week. I decided on a Pink Grapefruit/Orange, with a small squirt of Cherry. Definitely my favourite so far and I will be getting it again. The pink grapefruit flavour made it REALLY refreshing.

I do have to wonder if the fact that it’s September has anything to do with how quiet the market seemed. In September, a lot of places shut down because there aren’t as many tourists. Zaccios and Surfside in Holetown are both closed until October 1. The Golden Anchor is closed until next week, as is the Sea Cat. The Lone Star, a bit further north, is also closed right now. It’s a shame, because there are still people here who would frequent those places if they were still open.

When I got home, I made a quick lunch and then Danny and I headed to the beach. We did this crazy water workout that included doggy paddling really quickly, swimming with only our hands or our feet, and outright swimming as fast as we could. Danny thinks we should market it as “Lazy Biotch Training” and give courses. It was really fun and a good workout all at the same time. By the time we left the beach, the sky was really dark and I figured we were in for more rain and thunderstorms.

After 30 minutes though, nothing had materialized so I decided to hop on the bus and head to the grocery store in Holetown. I had a craving for burgers. On my way home, I had the craziest experience with a yellow Reggae bus. As I was walking across the grass in front of the mall, a bus going in my direction slowed down and waved at me. I yelled, “Speightstown?” The driver gave me the thumbs up and I ran across the street to catch it. Just as I was about to get on, the bus pulls away! It pulls ahead a bit and then slows down again. Of course, I am confused. Next thing I know, several heads pop out of the windows and start calling me to come and get the bus. This time I’m able to get on. Turns out when the bus first stopped, there was a police car nearby. I guess they aren’t really supposed to stop away from the bus stops? I’m not 100% sure. Anyway, the driver pulled ahead to make it look like they weren’t stopping. And once the police car was gone, they were safe to stop for me. I don’t know…if they only stopped at bus stops in the first place, this would never be an issue.

And here’s where the title of today’s blog comes from. This made me laugh. As the bus is driving along, I see the attendant talking to someone in the front seat. Next thing I know, the attendant pulls a bottle beer out of the seat pocket. He opens it and starts drinking. He then opens the bus’s glove compartment, pulls out a bottle of vodka, and hands it to the guy in the front seat!! Don’t worry, I didn’t see the driver drinking. I will admit to being a bit relieved when the bus pulled up to my stop. The attendant took my shopping bags, hopped off the bus, helped me down the steps, and handed me my bags all while apologizing for the confusion in Holetown. Which I thought was sweet.

Reggae Bus in Barbados

Reggae Bus in Barbados

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2 Responses to What do you keep in your car’s glove compartment?

  1. Definitely not a bottle of booze! Lol! I am really enjoying learning about your new life in the Caribbean, Kathleen. I wouldn’t want to but it is still very interesting. Btw, anguilla pretty much shuts down after Carnival, early August and doesn’t get going again until November. I have been there in September and it was divinely quiet!


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