Let’s talk about Island Time

I am going to apologize for the ranty nature of this post. It is a rant. And I’m kind of sorry. But Island Time is a thing and sometimes it needs to be ranted about.

This spiral seems to accurately represent the crazy time vortex here in Barbados

This spiral seems to accurately represent the crazy time vortex here in Barbados

I love Barbados. I love everything about this rock. The weather, the sea, the smell, the sounds, the food, the people. I have even fallen in love with someone here. The only thing I am struggling with is the concept of Island Time when it comes to making actual plans. Let me give you a timeline of how tonight’s plans worked out.

Wednesday plans were discussed with everyone involved. We agreed to touch base on Friday.

Me, Friday @ 5:24pm: Just checking to see what’s going on tonight?

Shawn, Friday @ 6:12pm: Other couple can’t make it. When are you and Linda heading out?

Me, Friday @ 6:17pm: Linda’s not coming. I’ll leave here about 7pm and meet you at Wendy’s.

Shawn, Friday @ 6:18pm: Sounds good. Message me when you’re leaving.

Me, Friday @ 7:05pm: Leaving now.

Shawn, Friday @ 7:08pm: Just jumping in the shower.

At this point, I am thinking WTF. You’ve already had almost 45 minutes notice that I was leaving about 7pm.

Me, Friday @ 7:10pm: Ok…message me when you’re ready. I’m not sitting at Wendy’s for hours.

Me, Friday @ 8:08pm: You still awake over there?

Shawn Friday @ 8:12pm: yup, just throwing on some clothes

Cheese on bread, just fucking get ready all ready.

Me, Friday @ 8:13pm: So I should leave in about 15 minutes?

Shawn, Friday @ 8:13pm: Sounds good

Me, Friday @ 8:33pm: Leaving now

Shawn, ,Friday @ 8:34pm: Leave in 10 minutes.

SERIOUSLY?! I have been ready since 7pm

At this point, I am done for the night. I have not messaged back. And while I just got a message 7 minutes ago, I’m ignoring it. I am all for culture. I am all for being accommodating. But what about me? Why is my time any less important than his? I’m sorry, but there comes a point where Island Time is disrespectful. And at that point I shut down and go to bed for the night.

Island Time. Slow and Stop is how they work here. And it really eventually pisses this Canadian off.

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6 Responses to Let’s talk about Island Time

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  2. Iambizi says:

    I hope this rant helped. That would drive me crazy. I think you could have a talk with shawn to discuss this particular evening and series of events and how you got your feelings hurt.
    Maybe you have had that conversation before????


    • Kathleen L. says:

      We have had this conversation before. And when we discussed Friday night, his logic for being late made perfect sense. He just didn’t communicate it with me. Karaoke at that particular bar starts at 8pm. He couldn’t figure out why I wanted to head out at 7pm. But instead of asking me, he just kept trying to push me to be later. So for next Friday, we’ve decided to meet later and avoid this situation all together.


  3. Sorry, dear..it is part of the culture in almost all warmer regions of the world. You must learn to accept it!


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