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Back on Canadian soil (or 123 days until I’m Paradise bound again)

I have been back in Canada for a little over 4 days now and while I’m glad to see certain people, I am definitely not in my happy place. I can feel my anxiety rising, and I am worried that … Continue reading

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161 days gone…or See you later, Barbados

It is currently 5:54pm on October 25th. Tomorrow at 12:15pm, I will be picked up to make my way to the airport and get on a plane back to Canada. In the past, I have always left a piece of … Continue reading

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Recipe: Pâté chinois, with a Bajan Twist

My family background is French Canadian, so growing up, my mom made Pâté chinois (the Quebecois variation of Shepherd’s Pie), quite often. It is such a comforting meal for me: ground beef, corn, and mashed potatoes all layered together and … Continue reading

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Things I will miss

What I miss about Canada: Hot showers whenever I want Laundry washed in a washing machine, whenever I want My friends: Allison, Helene, Megan, Robin Grandma and Audrey People being close to on time What I will miss about Barbados: … Continue reading

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I am thankful for…

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. And while I am thousands of kilometers away, I still celebrated in a way. I didn’t have turkey, or stuffing, or gravy, or mashed potatoes. Instead, I had tuna, breadfruit, rice and peas, and salad. … Continue reading

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Extremes of Customer Service in Barbados

Over the past 6 years, I have found that customer service in Barbados is at a very different standard than back home. Frankly, it’s almost non-existent. If you need help in the grocery store, good luck. Restaurant service is painfully … Continue reading

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Recipe: Fish Cakes Attempt #2

Tonight I had a craving for fish cakes. And while the first ones I made tasted really good, they weren’t fluffy and soft like the ones you get in restaurants here. So I decided to try another recipe. This time … Continue reading

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Recipe: Breadfruit Pie with Tuna

A couple of weeks ago, I got talking to Mrs. Jones (Wanda’s lovely 87 year old grandma). Mrs. Jones has lived in Brooklyn, NY for many years and only returned to Barbados about 10 years ago. She has such a … Continue reading

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Making the most of the weekends I have left here

So much for blogging every day. But my case of “the sniffles” turned into a cold. Full-blown with a lovely cough, sneezing, feeling blah and crappy. Shawn also had it, as did his roommate, several people he works with and … Continue reading

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