Things I will miss

What I miss about Canada:

  1. Hot showers whenever I want
  2. Laundry washed in a washing machine, whenever I want
  3. My friends: Allison, Helene, Megan, Robin
  4. Grandma and Audrey
  5. People being close to on time

What I will miss about Barbados:

  1. The weather (read: the sun pretty much every day and no temperatures below 25C)
  2. The beautiful sunsets
Another sweet sunset

Another sweet sunset

3. The snorkeling

A smooth trunkfish in Barbados

A smooth trunkfish in Barbados

4. The fresh fish I get to eat whenever I want

5. The laid-back vibe of life here

6. The cheap beer

7. The cheap rum

8. The sound of the frogs lulling me to sleep at night, and the sound of the chickens and roosters waking me up in the morning

9. Being able to swim in the Caribbean every day

10. Listening to waves wash up on the shore

11. My ability to just relax and be

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1 Response to Things I will miss

  1. Iambizi says:

    You are living the life that only others dream about!
    good for you!


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