My first encounter with Barbados Green Monkeys

On Out an About, a blog I follow, I recently read a post about a Kookaburra visiting that  reminded me of the first time Mom and I went to Barbados in 2009 and were visited by some of the local wildlife.

Barbados Green Monkeys

I remember one morning Mom was in the kitchen of our villa, making coffee, when she yelled out, “Kathleen! Quick get your camera and get outside!” Not knowing what she’d seen, I grabbed my camera and raced out to the yard. I was immediately greeted by monkeys – specifically Barbados Green Monkeys.


Barbados Green Monkeys in the street

There were so many monkeys! At one point, there must have been 15 or so, of all different ages. They were in the street, climbing on the cars that were parked there.


Monkeys climbing on a car

Some of the younger ones were REALLY curious and came right up to our gate.


Barbados Green Monkeys peering through our gate

On our last day in Barbados, we had a really close encounter. Mom and I were packing up and Mom went out to our porch to collect our towels. “Hello, Mr. Monkey!” she said. I walked out, and there was a monkey sitting on the ledge, just as chill as could be.


Hello, Mr. Monkey!

Have any of you had any neat wildlife encounters? I’d love to read about them!

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11 Responses to My first encounter with Barbados Green Monkeys

  1. Lex says:

    How cute they look in green…. Lucky you are to have such nature’s gift to view n see.

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  2. sungoddess says:

    I love them… they’re my favourite part of living in Barbados and they’re increasing which is good. They can be a real riot sometimes, a gaggle of them used to harrass my grandmother’s mango tree, and come in the house at night and stuff (they nearly scared my Granny to death one night doing that).

    Still, I enjoy them tremendously….

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    • Kathleen L. says:

      This last time I was in Barbados, I had a mango tree in the yard next to me. And I could hear the monkeys throwing mangoes and bouncing them off the roof next door. It’s a good thing the building was empty because I’d hate to imagine the noise that made!

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  3. I didn’t get to see any monkeys! I love the last photo especially 🙂


  4. Miriam says:

    Hey Kathleen, thanks for mentioning my lost. My brother and sister in law recently came back from an island in Fiji. They mentioned brazen monkeys that actually broke into their unit and their fridge and stole some food. I have so many stories of wildlife encounters I could write a book!


  5. cdnred says:

    I tripped on a fox once… (camping, walking to the toilets in the dark without a flashlight). I also seem to see wild bunnies everywhere I go (outside my hotels in Chicago and Denver being the most memorable). It’s always so fun to have great wildlife visits 🙂

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