Advent Blog Series: Christmas Baking


The first cookies in the 2015 Christmas Baking bonanza!

As you’ve seen in my other blog posts, I love to cook and bake. And as much as I struggle with Christmas, I love holiday baking. It takes me back to when I was growing up and Mom would spend days baking goodies. She would send trays of cookies, squares and other goodies into school with my sisters and I. Dad’s office was well stocked by Mom’s baking efforts. I remember one year Mom even made peppermint candies. She coloured them with red and green food colouring and put them in little candy papers.

Christmas Baking: A cheap form of therapy

Christmas baking has always been very therapeutic for me. I remember the first year after my dad died, I was living with my Grandma at the time. I took the anniversary of Dad’s death off from work and I made dozens of cookies. And I mean dozens. I made Banana Bread cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, Jam Thumbprints, Chocolate Meringues, Oatmeal Raisin cookies, and I can’t remember what else. What I do remember for sure though, is that everyone got cookies that year. All of my coworkers (I worked in a team of 12), Grandma, Audrey, my aunt and uncle, and a few others. Everyone got at least 18 cookies, and I made up goody bags for probably 20 people or so. Yup, that’s right. I made 30 dozen cookies. But it was fun. And got me through that awful day.

Christmas Baking 2015

Today, Megan and I started this year’s therapeutic baking bonanza. So far we’ve made shortbread, snickerdoodles, orange juice cookies, chewy ginger molasses cookies, and haystacks. So far we have 15 dozen baked off. In the fridge, chilling, we have dough for Lime Icebox cookies and Chili Chocolate Rugelach. We also have plans to make Chocolate Chip Cookies, Jam Thumbprints, and Candied Ginger Cookies.

How do you feel about Christmas baking? Is it relaxing for you? Or is it something you avoid?



Chewy Ginger Molasses cookies

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6 Responses to Advent Blog Series: Christmas Baking

  1. melissajane14 says:

    Cookies always taste better when they’re a labor of love.
    My sister and I used to take a day to bake Christmas cookies every year. But then I moved to Asia for several years, and now I don’t really celebrate Christmas anymore. Oddly enough, I don’t feel the loss.
    ….but I still love cookies!


  2. Megan P. says:

    It was so much fun to bake with you yesterday. Baking was the first thing that I remember doing with my Mom, and it was the first thing I remember doing on my own that made me feel like a “grown up!” And no – let’s not talk about how many cookies were eaten during the baking process!

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  3. I love baking cookies, they’re one of my favorite things to make. And eat!

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  4. Miriam says:

    Sounds like you could open up a patisserie! I must admit I also love baking and I love the smell of fresh cookies in the house. They never last long though! 🙂

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