Advent Blog Series: What Made Me Smile Today

December 18th. One week away from Christmas. Crazy. As Christmas gets closer, I find that each day I am feeling a bit more festive. A bit more cheer. A bit more excited. Which makes it easier to find the positive in the every day things.

Fighting a cold but still seeing the positive

Today though, I woke up with a cold. Stuffed nose, congested sinuses, feeling achy and blah. However, I am choosing to look at the positive: being sick this weekend means I’m likely to be over it and healthy for next weekend. Plus, feeling like this gives me the perfect excuse to stay in my pjs, watch movies, and drink hot lemon, honey, and ginger with a generous shot of rum. My surefire cold cure.

The Little One: a Big Part of my Joy

I also got to hang out with the littlest sicky here. Rory also has the cold. And while I feel awful that she’s stuffed up and having a hard time breathing, it makes me chuckle when she inadvertently snorts. I love watching her face when I’m talking to her. She is so fascinated by the shapes people’s lips make, and the sounds that come out of our mouths. She just stares at the lips of anyone talk to her. Rory is such a joy, and I’m thrilled I get to be a part of her life.

More Christmas Cards

Today I got another stack of Christmas cards. Mine will be most likely be late, but they are all addressed and tomorrow I will head to the post office to get stamps for them. I love how happy I’ve been to receive Christmas cards so I hope to spread some joy to others.

Messages from Barbados

And the last thing that made me smile today: I got a call from Shawn. We message each other every day, but getting an unexpected call from him always makes me smile. I love being able to hear the sounds from the beach. I love hearing his voice, calling from the sunshine.


Shawn and I, overlooking the East Coast


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