Another Christmas gone (or Feeling Nostalgic about years gone by)

Memories of Christmases past

So, it’s Boxing Day here in Canada and I’m sipping a cup of coffee with eggnog in it. I always end up feeling a little (ok so maybe a lot) let down after a big holiday. I spend days trying to get excited about it, then when the excitement hits, I’m like a kid again waiting for the magic to happen. But the magic never happens. I know as I get older, things change. But I’d really like to experience another magical Christmas, the way they used to be when I was a kid. And I’m not talking about presents. I’m talking about moments.

Christmas Morning the way it used to be

I miss Christmas mornings from when my parents were alive. Especially once my sisters and I were a bit older and didn’t wake up at half past dark to open presents. I’m talking about when my middle sister and I were about 12/13. Our youngest sister was 2 or 3. Anyway, we’d get up, Mom would have made muffins, there’d be coffee and hot chocolate. We’d open stockings, listening to Christmas carols, and a fire burning in the fireplace. Dad would pass out gifts (over the years we tried several different methods: everyone got one gift at time and we’d all open that one gift before getting a second; all gifts would get handed out and then we’d just tear through the piles). Whatever method Dad chose, it always ended up in a frenzy of wrapping paper and oohing and aahing. I loved how Dad’s face lit up as he handed everyone a present. If a really exciting or crazy cool gift was opened, everyone would stop unwrapping and the gift would be admired for a minute or two, before the frenzy continued on. Mom would be frantically reminding us, “Don’t lose the tags! Who’s that one from? Keep the tag so you can thank them.”

After the gifts were unwrapped and the paper all picked up, we’d then head to the dining room, where we would sit down to our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Eggs Benedict, home fries, and mimosas. I loved sitting down to this breakfast with my family. I miss sitting down to this breakfast with my family.


mmm…Eggs Benedict

I know that time is one thing we can’t stop or slow down. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be nostalgic once in a while. What are some of your favourite memories from Christmases past?

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2 Responses to Another Christmas gone (or Feeling Nostalgic about years gone by)

  1. Karen Frederick says:

    I hear ya Kathleen, my husband asked me last week “why do you dislike Christmas so much”, well you hit it on the head..the magic is gone, it started to disappear when dad passed away at 59, I was 30, so I tried to keep traditions going for mom’s sake, especially was she was terminally ill, dad would have wanted it that way. Now, with not having had any children, there is no twinkle in anyone’s eyes, no traditions to pass on. I like you try to hang on to the past but it’s just not there.

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