Sleepless in Arnprior

Dealing with Periodic Insomnia

Over the years, I have had periods of insomnia. I remember back in 2008, I didn’t sleep for almost 2 weeks straight. It was horrendous. I tried everything: writing in a sleep journal, herbal teas, soothing baths, lavender on my pillow. I finally ended up resorting to sleeping pills. It was the only way I could return to a functional way of life.

Lately, I have found myself dealing with a different symptom of insomnia: I lie awake for hours. And when I do fall asleep, I manage to doze for a couple of hours before waking up again for another couple of hours. This has resulted in a completely backwards sleeping pattern. I fall into a good deep sleep around 4am (after a few hours of dozing on and off) and get up around noon. Definitely not a typical schedule.

Music – a different tactic

This time however, I am using a different method of soothing my soul. Because while my sleep pattern is backwards, I am still managing to get a decent amount of sleep. When I do wake up, I typically feel rested and alert. Anyway, this time, I am using music to relax me. I am allowing myself to get lost in the iTunes store and find new music to listen to. I had a rough night a couple nights ago, and I decided to browse the “Dance” genre. I ended up discovering some wonderful music that I’ve never heard before. And oh, how it makes me happy.

Music Videos

For your viewing, and listening, pleasure I am embedding some of the videos of the songs I fell in love with. First up is Coming Over by James Hersey, and remixed by filous. James Hersey is a Singer/Songwriter from Wien, Germany. And this song is just wonderful.

This next song is by filous, and it features James Hersey on vocals. filous is an 18 year old music producer from Austria, and he just released an EP called Dawn.

Do any of you deal with periodic insomnia? Any tips you’d like to share with a fellow non-sleeper? I’ll take all the help I can get.

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