Getting ready for my First Day of Work

Feels like the First Day of School

As I sit here tonight, I am reminded of when I was a child getting ready for the first day of school. My clothes are ready to go, my lunch is packed, and I’m super excited.

Why am I excited you ask? Well, I will tell you. Last week I got a job. That’s right. I am gainfully employed again and my first day is tomorrow. Last Friday I called a local bakery business here, had a quick chat with the owner, and was asked to stop by with my resume. I dropped by shortly before 2pm, and by 2:15pm, I was walking away with a job. And I really think it’s the perfect job for me.

My New Job seems Perfect for me

So, for 3.5 days a week, I will be baking – baking pies, quiches, breads. And I’ll get to make salads and dips. So I’ll still get to do some cooking. It’s the best of both worlds. Also, my hours – they are SWEET! Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays will be 8:30am – 6pm. Wednesdays will be 8:30am until about noon (or so) and then I’m off every Friday, Saturday, Sunday. That’s right. No crazy early mornings, no late nights, no weekends.

Getting Ready for my First Day

This weekend was all about getting organized and getting things that I needed. Today I went shopping and got myself some new t-shirts to wear with my chef pants, some new socks, and a brand new lunch bag. I really like my super cute new lunch bag.

new Rubbermaid Lunch Bag

My new lunch bag


I’m also intrigued by the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox kits (salad and sandwich) that I could get to fit perfectly into my lunch bag. Dorky, I know. I might see about getting the sandwich kit when I first get paid.

Anyway, that’s enough about my lunch bag. After I got my lunch all organized, I then laid out my clothes for tomorrow: chef pants, new t-shirt, new socks, clean underwear. It’s all laid out on my chair. Yup. Definitely dorky.

Since I’ve gotten everything ready to go, I should now head to bed, since I actually have to be up at a certain time tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Getting ready for my First Day of Work

  1. elizabeth says:

    SO happy you have found a perfect-for-you-right-now job! Best wishes and have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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