Getting Stuff Done

This past week, I accomplished a couple of things towards my 2016 goals. One item in particular is something that really scares me, pushes me out of my comfort zone. Yes, I’m referring to that vague goal I had of being an adult about something. And I have taken the first step towards sorting it out. Someday I might feel brave enough to blog about that thing in great detail, but that time isn’t now. I need to keep it close to me for now.

Less Vague Accomplishments

I did however accomplish a couple of things that I can talk about. Things that make me proud. Things that move me in the right direction of getting my life in order, and doing something exciting and interesting.

Things to Do.

  1. I got a job. That’s right. I am working for a small, home-based, organic, primarily gluten-free bakery here in Arnprior. Last week was my first week and I loved it. I got to make gluten free pies, package up salads, prepare potatoes, beets, and onions for other salads. I’m excited to see what the second week brings.
  2. I have been playing around on Twitter, and in the first 2 weeks of the year, I have already roughly doubled my followers, from 27, to 59. I have also already gained 4 more followers of my blog. I’ll gladly take baby steps.
  3. I finished the first week of my 5k training. It was rough. So I’m going to do week 1 again. I certainly don’t want to hurt myself. However, in an effort to keep up with some formal exercise, I have signed up for an aquafit class once a week.
  4. I finished the first book for 2016 Reading Challenge and I have already started my next 3 books. Yes, I like having more than one book on the go.

Thinking about Plans and Life Direction

Over the next week or so, I’ll definitely be giving some serious thought as to what I want to do next. Because I will admit that this job kind of changes things. I really see myself being able to learn a lot here. And get to apply the skills I already have. I really want to be a better baker and cook, and I think this job has the potential to let me be both. So of course, I have a lot to ponder, because this means staying in the Ottawa area, rather than moving to Barbados.

Yup. 2016 is definitely going to be a great year.


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