Trying to figure out my life’s direction…again.

So much has happened  since my last post. So many life changing things. Things that have made me question everything – what I’m doing, where I’m supposed to be, why does it even matter any more.

On March 10, we found out that Grandma’s bladder cancer had metastasized to her liver and kidneys. There was nothing more to be done. Grandma’s decline was rapid and terrifying. On March 30, we got her transferred to hospice care, and on April 4, she took her last breaths.


Grandma and I celebrating my convocation from the University of Ottawa, 2010.

With Grandma being so sick, I ended up leaving my job so that I could be with her. I promised her that she wouldn’t be alone. And now that she’s gone, I am again questioning staying in Ottawa. Because I know I’m not happy here.

After Grandma’s funeral, I hopped on a plane and spent a week in Barbados, my happy place. It was exactly what I needed. I relaxed on the beach, I snorkeled, I swam with sea turtles, I partied it up with the locals at The Golden Anchor, and I started preliminary discussions about starting a food truck business with someone.


Swimming with Sea Turtles in Barbados, April 2016.

2016 could end up being a big year. Even the puffer fish have smiles of encouragement for me.


Smiling puffer fish in Barbados

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5 Responses to Trying to figure out my life’s direction…again.

  1. Miriam says:

    I’m so sorry about your Grandma, Kathleen. She sounds like an amazing woman, no wonder you’ve been missing, I actually wondered about you a little while ago. Hope you are coping.


  2. Gwen says:

    You have been such a good granddaughter – I know your grandma would want you to be happy now – follow your heart! xx


  3. elizabeth says:

    Oh, I am so sorry about your Grandma”s passing.
    I know you two had a very special relationship- lucky you.
    A few weeks after my mom died, I did the same thing…retreated to my island paradise for a week to lick my wounds.
    It was so restorative.
    I know you will figure things out for yourself soon enough, my friend.


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