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Enjoying the Outdoors in one of Ottawa’s many Green Spaces

One of my favourite things to do, now that the weather is finally nice, is to sit on the grass. I love to feel the breeze on my face, listen to the birds in the trees, and smell the flowers. … Continue reading

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Cooking Experiment: From the Pantry Mole Sauce

For dinner tonight, I experimented a little bit. It was just ok. I definitely didn’t knock it out of the park. However, there is potential in this dish, so I will try again. Trying to do something different with Chicken On … Continue reading

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Small Moments of Happiness

I  just want to share a couple of small things that have made me happy the past few days. Cute Dogs Make Everything Better Over the May 2-4 weekend, I went to visit my middle sister, her husband, and their … Continue reading

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So hard to stay Positive (another Job Search Post)

I feel like an idiot. That interview I had last week? The one where I was again told that I had the job pending my references? Well, my references weren’t even called. And I have not been able to get … Continue reading

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Recipe: Cheater Jambalaya

This recipe came about because my sister and I had a lot of leftover Hot Italian Sausages from dinner on Friday. I also used a boxed rice mix because my sister’s family doesn’t use rice very often, so buying a bag … Continue reading

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Recipe: South African Bobotie

Bobotie sounds really exotic, but in reality, it is a simple baked meat dish with an egg and cream topping. I made mine in the slow cooker, using Judith Finlayson’s recipe from The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes. I love this … Continue reading

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Reintroducing myself to a set of golf clubs

Yesterday I had an interview for one of the two Baker jobs at Tim Hortons. The interview went well, and now I’m just waiting for my references to be called and the job to be officially offered. That’s right…I’m currently … Continue reading

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