So hard to stay Positive (another Job Search Post)

I feel like an idiot. That interview I had last week? The one where I was again told that I had the job pending my references? Well, my references weren’t even called. And I have not been able to get anyone to call me back and have the decency to tell me they changed their mind.

It is so hard to stay optimistic. I keep telling myself that something awesome will come along soon. But when I can’t even get acknowledgement that my applications are being received…Well, I’m starting to feel like, “why bother?”

Job Search – Next Steps

Today while Rory was napping, I found a few job postings on Kijiji that looked interesting. Tomorrow, since I’m not babysitting, I will send out applications. A couple of them are going to require complete rewrites of my resume. So those are the ones I will tackle first. I will also contact my career counsellor and see what she suggests.

Lately I feel like I am just flogging a dead horse. I hope I can get things to turn around soon. I’d love to find out that the horse is just sleeping.

Cartoons by Sheila

Flogging a Dead Horse (Cartoons by Sheila)


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2 Responses to So hard to stay Positive (another Job Search Post)

  1. mrsgmh says:

    That’s an awful way to treat an applicant. DH and I are very careful to let applicants know early whether they were successful in getting a job with us or not. We’re advertising for summer staff now so will soon be doing interviews. Unfortunately, you live too far away! Good luck, I’m sure something will turn up soon. Hugs.

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