Feeling Shaken

As quickly as a few words can help change the way I think and feel for the positive, it’s amazing how an unanticipated event can cause me to spiral back down.

Online Theft

I had something happen today that has left me feeling shaken, and rather violated. I discovered that my bank card was compromised and an unauthorized transaction occurred. And while the amount taken from my account isn’t very much (only $19.95), I realize that what is really bothering me is the fact that it happened. I will confess to feeling vulnerable and unsafe. I spent most of the afternoon trying to beef up security on my computer, in case my information was gathered that way. When I’m out and use my card, I’m very careful about hiding my PIN. I don’t share it with anybody. And my card has never left my possession.


Online theft – Protect Yourself!

Dealing with the repercussions

Of course, this has caused my anxiety to go into overdrive, as I now have to deal with the bank for a refund, a card replacement, and possibly even changing my account number. And the fact that this has caused such a spike in my anxiety is making me feel worthless, and like a big giant failure.

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8 Responses to Feeling Shaken

  1. Ann Coleman says:

    It is a very upsetting process to go through…so sorry you are dealing with this!


  2. Ugh! I had that happen a few years ago and I never found out how it happened, but fortunately my bank caught it I was reimbursed the $300+. Could have been worse, but you’re right, it the feeling of vulnerability that hurts the most. You’re taking good precautions though!

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    • I feel like my bank is giving me the run around. When I reported it on Sunday, the guy I spoke to said I had to wait 24-72 hours for the transaction to be completed and then I could open a dispute. When I called today, I was told it could take 8 days for the transaction to be completed, and if I decided to open a dispute, that it could take 90 days! I’m pretty sure if I’d lost a few hundred dollars they’d be bending over backwards to help me.


  3. Miriam says:

    I can understand you being shaken and upset. I’d feel exactly the same way. This could happen to anyone, so don’t feel like a failure, it’s a scary sign of the times. I guess all you can do now is try and safeguard like you’re doing so it doesn’t happen again. I’m sorry for you.


    • Oh, safeguarding I am. I got a new card on Monday, and now I get an email EVERY TIME my card is used. Most (hopefully ALL) of those emails will be my transactions. But now I can catch any fraudulent ones even faster.

      As for feeling like a failure, it’s more my reaction to stuff. I go into full-on panic mode. Which is scary.

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  4. losedabooze says:

    You have every right to feel upset about this – it’s a scary thing, but you are taking the right steps to address the matter.


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